2020, And Some Thoughts On 2021

just some thoughts on 2020, didn’t write as much blog as I wanted, but here’s a short blog looking back at what I did

My thoughts on 2020

2020 might be the longest year ever, now it has finally ended.

To the world, 2020 was catastrophic, until now, the pandemic is still affecting this world.

To me, 2020 was still better than last year, it gave me the chance to learn better things.

How I feel about 2020

A word to describe 2020 would be “unexpected”, COVID-19 have greatly impacted the whole world. There was so much pressure in 2020, remote learning was weird, cockboard’s reaction to ap tests was wild.

Even tho 2020 was an unexpected year, I still find joy in doing things I like, watching anime and writing coding makes me feel relieved from this pandemic.

Things I did in 2020

(not in order)

  • discovered the joy of hosting things urself
  • absolutely in love with Linux
  • got deeper into 3d printing
  • did some 3d modeling & designs
  • made something with javascript
  • joined an FTC team
  • made myself more organized
  • went back to watching anime
  • attended a few hackathons
  • met some wonderful wonderful people
  • made a blog
  • made an anime list
  • tried out spring boot
  • tried out some DevOps tools

Few things I’ve learned

chaos is a ladder

This is a quote from the game of thrones, 2020 was chaotic, I didn’t use this chance to do something for myself, should’ve learned some math and physics, maybe grind more java or something. Even though many things failed in 2020, things like streaming and online meeting have thrived. There are always chances in situations like this, it solely depends on what you do with them.

Know your limits

My plans for this year were disastrous, took 3 AP classes with a hard AP, planned so many projects that I cant finish, was elected for president for one of the clubs, wrote a bucketload of emails. This is not me being negative about my life, this is just me being self-aware. luckily, I still have years to correct this, I hope next year won’t be as chaotic as this year.

My life is to myself

As another year approaches, I’m closer and closer to college, no one can help me anymore, being an adult means more responsibility and less stupidity. So far, I don’t think I can qualify as an adult, maybe it’ll change in 2020, who knows.

Thoughts on 2021

I don’t think 2021 will get any better, at least for this world. I hope that I’ll become an adult soon, hope my grandparents are safe, hope my family could get along, and hope 2021 could be normal.

Some goals for 2021

  • try out a new language/technology
  • get better grades
  • have a larger project

2021 would be another busy year, hope you have a great 2021!

Btw, i, simp for Rio Futaba.

By vincent